Dreams Come True
20 ოქტ. 2019, 18:00
Blue Note Jazz Club


Dinara (Dini) Virsaladze, a famous Georgian pianist, born in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia), studied piano at Tbilisi Music School for Gifted Children and graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatoire. From 2016 Dini Virsaladze is professor of Tbilisi State Conservatorie...


Dini performed lately with the famous musicians: Amit Chatterjee (vocalist & guitarist at Joe Zawinul's "Syndicate"), Mitchell Long, Harry Smith, Rain Sultanov, Walter Sitz (drummer), Christian Wendt (bass), Alex Han (sax, Marcus Miller's band), Roberto Puggioni...


Dini performs at various concerts & events at the Tbilisi Conservatoire, Philharmonic Theatre, Opera house, Rustaveli Theatre and other music halls, participates in TV shows and radio productions. Dini is a frequent guest of Radio "Muza"and Radio"Syndicate"...



You might not know that, Dini is a talented artist.  Her beautiful paintings have been exhibited at the Museum of the History of Tbilisi “Karvasla”, Art Club “Gircha”, Jazz Club “Atinati”, Art Club “Lost Paradise”, “Underground Theatre” & “House of Jazz”.


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