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Smiling Face
  • Smiling Face


    Second Dinis album "Smiling Face", was recorded in the recording studio of Tbilisi Conservatoire in 2007.

    The new CD features different musicians with a vocalist Ani Duchidze.


    We had a long recording session that day. Japara, Mastera and Tetso were late and left hurriedly for the club. I saw them off and walked out into the street. It was a good day. We had recorded two compositions. Dini and Ani stayed on in the studio and were listening to the recordings. It was very hot outside, so I bought some cold beer and went back to the studio. Dini was at the piano, improvising on a new theme, while Ani was listening with her eyes closed. I picked up the bass and we played for almost half an hour. Had a great time. ‘ Didn't you record it by any chance?'Dini and Ani asked almost simultaneously. Hopelessly, I glanced at the record button but the red light was not on.


    Music composed and arranged by Dini Virsaladze
    Lyrics by Tamuna Japaridze 
    Recorded and mixed by Pavka Kvachadze at the Conservatoir Studio, Tbilisi , Georgia

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