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  • Mysterious


    Dini Virasaldzen in her first album "Mysterious"  appears together with many musicians:
    Gia Makharadze, Nodar Ekvtimishvili - bass, David Azirashvili - guitar, Gia Salagishvili, Gia Tetradze - drums, David Japaridze - percussion, Kakha Jagashvili - saxophone, Nukri Abashidze - arranger and composer.

    All pieces were composed by her during different periods of time, so they are absolutely unique in style, character and performance. “Voyage” was the first composition written for this album. In "Mysterious" and "March” Dini Virsaladze plays piano and leads vocal. 


    Produced by Dinin Virsaladze​
    Special thank to: Tamaz Darsavelidze, Nukri Abashidze, Temo Nikalashvili, Pavka Kvashadze, Gena Mamedov.

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